Pan Card form 49a : How to download and fill pan card form 49a

By | July 3, 2016

Pan card form 49a: As everything is becoming digital in today’s world, downloading pan card form 49a has also become very easy now, provided you know the right steps. It would be better if you take the advantage of the online facility that is provided to you and downloads the same. For a number of portals, the filling of the pan card form 49a is required. It is mandatory for you to fill the right form so that things fall in place. Also, if you find that there are some sorts of errors in your pan card, for that also there is a separate form that you will have to fill.

Before you actually fill the pan card form 49a, you should be aware of the benefits that it has to offer you. To open a bank account, PAN card has become a very important document. Not only that, you can also link your PAN card with your aadhar card and also with your bank. This helps a lot in various purposes. Besides Indians, foreigners can also apply for the PAN card. After you apply for a PAN card, you also get this facility of checking the status of your PAN card.

pan card form 49aPan Card form 49a:

Form 49a is the form which is to be filled by you for availing the PAN card. NSDL is a portal which provides you this facility of applying for the PAN card. You can do this online at any of the tin facility centers which are managed by the NSDL. It is important that you choose the tin centers which are nearest to your location. It facilitates the whole process and those tin centers get your application for the PAN card at a faster rate. Not only this, they also get some more information about you like that of your TDS returns, your annual information returns and for that reason, you can also track all these information also.

Pan Card online application portal

Besides NSDLS, you can also apply for PAN card with the help of another portal which is known as UTI. When you are applying for a PAN card, these are the details that you need to keep handy. The details are your name and address, date of birth, father’s name, phone number, the address for communication, residential address. PAN card can be issued to an individual or a firm. Though the details that are required for both are almost similar.

Status of PAN Card :

You can also track your PAN number with the help of your date of birth and your name. So, make sure that the details that you give are true. If you know your PAN number, then it helps you to apply for a duplicate one in case you lose it in the future.

It is also important for you to know the documents that are required at the time of application. You require one identity proof, one address proof, proof of your date of birth. Make sure that you have all those before you apply for the same.

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