PF Transfer : Step by Step process to EPF Transfer online or offline

By | July 3, 2016

PF Transfer Step By Step Process: At present, most of the employees need online EPF transfer because it offers ultimate benefits. Of course, the online process has made the job switching simple as well as an easy process. With the help of online anyone can easily transfer their PF balance with ease. The complete guidelines also provided to transfer PF through online with ease,

Physical PF Transfer Process:

In general, the physical PF transfer process includes,

  • At first, you need to arrange physical form. Then you have to fill the form manfully with proper details, in many cases, it will lead many problems. Some of them fill form incorrectly. So they need to get another form to fill with correct details.
  • After filling in the form with proper details, you need to submit the form to the respective employer. It will take much time.
  • After that, your employer forwards your application to the respective regional PF office. This process also consumes much time.
  • After completion of the verification process the PF office forwards respective application to the previous employer.
  • Even the previous employer also verifies application, and then employer attests it.
  • Then the PF office transfer of PF balance from one account to the another account.

Benefits Of Transferring PF Through Online:

Online EPF transfer process eliminates all the issues and it makes the entire process very fast as well as transparent.

  • First of all the form is submitted through online PF transfer portal
  • Even all the verification & attestation are completed via online
  • The entire PF transferring process only takes few days
  • At the same time, you can easily track the status of EPF transfer to understand further information.
  • Online PF transfer has great transparency.  Obviously, the online process helps you to know where your application is stuck.

pf transfer

Who Is Eligible For Online PF Transfer?

The online PF transfer is simple and it is very easy now. Due to this most of them use this method. Of course, it is not an applicable method for every employee. In order to transfer PF through the online process, the employee needs to meet some primary requirements.

In order to transfer PF online one of your employers need to have a digital signature. This gives facility of online verification. After digital signature, the respective employer needs to attest the application online. In general, a digital signature can be obtained via the OTCP portal for employers.

Having digital signature is most important to know whether your EPF member ID is registered in 3 database or not. If you know this factor then you no need to meet your employer. With the guidelines, you can verify this condition online by visiting EPFO portal.

How To Check Eligibility To Apply For EPF Transfer:

  • At first, visit the member claims eligibility check page
  • Then you have to enter the PF number of previous as well as the present employment
  • Then click the Check eligibility button
  • Then you would know the eligibility status.
  • If you are eligible then go with the further steps or else you should wait for some time.

Step By Step process to Transfer EPF Funds Online:

Most of the employees are also wondering about how to transfer PF through online. Of course, it is really possible, now you can easily transfer PF funds from one employer to another with ease. The step-by-step guide helps you to understand complete details.

  • To initiate the online PF transfer you need to registration at EPF member portal. You can download the EPF passbook this facility is given by the UAN portal.
  • If you have assigned Universal Account Number early then, you can transfer funds with ease. If you haven’t got the UAN, first you should get UAN from your employer.
  • After getting UAN from the employer go to the EPFO website which is
  • After that, you may create your UAN based login ID. After that, you will be directed to a page where you need to enter important details like
    o UAN
    o Mobile number
    o Details of current employer that includes account number, state, establishment number
  • After entering those details you should check whether the account is eligible or not for a transfer on the EPFO site.
  • Additionally, you need to fill in the state where the employer was located. Obviously, you may search by name or by using the establishment number which is available in the drop-down menu.
  • If you enter the mentioned details in the right manner then click on the check eligibility option. And let you know whether your account is eligible or not. After that, your may register on the EPFO website.
  • In order to continue the process you have to submit the valid photo ID like
    o PAN card,
    o Aadhaar
    o Driving license

epf transfer

  • After submitting these documents this website also sends PIN to your mobile that help for your verification process. Of course, submitting PIN successfully will give you a confirmation message. After that, you may continue further.
  • If you complete this step successfully then you will be directed to the EPFO Member Claims Portal.
  • In order to log in this portal, you may give the document ID along with phone number.
    After signing in, you must verify all the details and can see all options.
  • Then go to the top tabs and click on the Request for transfer of account. Now you can access and fill in the PF transfer form. In general, this form also has 3 main parts,
  • In the first part, you need to enter your personal details. Apart from that your email and name you need to enter IFSC code of the bank. Then you must enter your salary account number.
  • In second part, you may fill in details of your old PF account.
  • In the third part, you have to fill in details of your current PF account. Then the claim can be attested by your previous /current employer. Obviously, this process also takes some time for their end.
  • After that, you can click preview to see your filled form. It is really important to check whether the information is correct or wrong. If you find any mistakes in your filled form you should modify it based on the guidelines after that you may enter the captcha then you will receive PIN. After getting PIN click “I Agree”.
  • After entering the PIN, automatically the claim transfer is initiated. For your future verification, you can download the PDF copy of the EPF transfer form. Then take the printout copy and sign over this form then you have to submit it physically to the employer.

In general, the employer also keeps this form for the records.

Obviously, you can easily check your fund’s transfer status through the portal. If you face any difficulties with this you can enquire at the previous or current employer end. If you are not comfortable with those options write to EPFO directly.

Hence, follow the above-mentioned steps to transfer your PF balance one account to another account without any hassles. These steps also help you to get free from stress.

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